Our Story

I started The Isabel Allende Foundation on December 9, 1996 to pay homage to my daughter, Paula Frias. Paula's untimely death in 1992 broke my heart. She was only 29 years old when she died, a graceful and spiritual young woman, the light of our family.

During her short life, Paula worked as a volunteer in poor communities in Venezuela and Spain, offering her time, her dedication and skills as an educator and psychologist. She cared deeply for others. When in doubt, her motto was: What is the most generous thing to do? My foundation, based on her ideals of service and compassion, was created to continue her work.

Seed funding for the Foundation came from the income I received from Paula, a memoir I wrote after her death. To this day, I get innumerable letters from people touched by Paula's spirit.

Since 1996, I have contributed to the foundation annually with income from my other books.

It is a wonderful truth that the things we want most in life—a sense of purpose, happiness and hope—are most easily attained by giving them to others.

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