Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I apply for a grant from the Isabel Allende Foundation?

A. We do not accept unsolicited grant requests or proposals. Instead, after extensive research, we contact organizations whose work aligns with our mission and invite them to submit proposals.

Q. I am an individual looking for financial assistance. Can you help?

A. In keeping with our bylaws, we are not legally able to fund or otherwise provide financial help to individuals.

Q. I would like Isabel Allende to appear at our fundraiser / auction / gala, etc. How do I get in touch with her?

A. We are not able to entertain requests at this time for Isabel to attend fundraisers or galas. If you would like to invite her to be a keynote speaker at your event, please contact the Lavin Agency.

Q. Who makes the decisions about which organizations you fund?

A. Our board of directors and executive director make all funding decisions.

Q. I would like to volunteer or am looking for an internship with the Foundation. How do I apply?

A. Our foundation is small—too small to host interns or volunteers. Many of our grantees would love your help, though. To learn more about them and find links to their websites, please visit our Grantees page. Additionally, if you live in the USA, Volunteer Match has wonderful suggestions and can connect you to a cause that you are passionate about.

Q. I am looking for a job with a nonprofit like yours. How do I apply?

A. We do not have any job openings and do not anticipate adding any new staff. If you live in the USA, The Chronicle of Philanthropy and are resources that may help you with your search.

Q. My organization is holding an auction and we’d love a donation of books or other items. How do I submit a request?

A. If your organization is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and your mission aligns with that of the Isabel Allende Foundation, please submit your request to We cannot guarantee any help, but each request will be given careful review.

Q. I am going to be visiting California on vacation and would like to visit the Foundation. Is that a possibility?

A. Given our small size and busy work environment we are unable to welcome visitors to the office. If you are with a media organization and would like to request an interview, please email While all requests will be considered, not all can be accommodated.

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